For Starters

First and foremost we want to thank you for choosing to check out our website. We promise to provide as much information as possible to cover all your decking questions. But because of the limitless possibility for questions we recommend if you check out our favorite deck building website in the Naperville area by clicking the button in the header.

If you want to build a Custom deck, Pool deck, Pergola, maybe have some Deck Restoration done or Deck Maintenance completed then you have come to the right place. But mind you this is not a step by step tutorial on how to build a deck rather just an overview of many question that might arise that other people may fail to cover. 

Building a deck can be very troublesome for first time builders or even amateurs who might have some experience in the past, but never the less we have solutions. Constructing a design and layout is the first obstacle one might encounter. If you can't decide on how you want your deck to be shaped or what might be the best layout then we suggest looking at decks online for starters. You can sprout an idea by just taking a look at other peoples beautiful designs. Any modification or specification is possible if you have the imagination to bring it to fruition. One huge detail that many people overlook is if they want to add multiple layers to their deck. This not only multiplies your living space but it can also break up unattractive stair on ground level decks. This is not as daunting as it may seem and it makes the overall appeal to your backyard and deck that much more exciting and ravishing. Your friends and family will notice the time and effort into carefully constructing your magnificent deck and multiple layered decks are the way to do so. 

Choosing decking materials would likely be another early onset problem for most newcomers looking at our advice. What we recommend is to first decide on a color of deck boards that you like, whether it be matching to your landscape outside or just a favorite color. While most boards come in all sorts of colors, there may be a limitation on others. Next you will want to choose the actual materials, real wood, pressure treated cedar, redwood, or other traditional options. Your other option is for something like composite boards or synthetic materials. These are about as maintenance free as you can get and they last a very long time, many last a few decades and if you keep good care of it maybe even for a lifetime. Composite boards cost more but the return on them is worth every penny, you will have way less maintenance than traditional wood and it will last much longer. This maybe all well and good but the only downside that people don't realize is that composite looks totally and completely different than real wood. So if you were looking for a look of real wood then you will not want to go with a composite style.

Another part about choosing your decking material would be the railings. You will definitely want to decide on railings that compliments your deck color, design, and also the rest of your outdoor living area. It will build on your lavishing atmosphere. But also if you do not think that railings are needed then you could always go for a more open view and opt out of any railings at all to provide less of a cage feeling. The choice is yours, we just want you to be open to any and all options to bring your dream to reality. 

Pergolas are a fantastic overhead shade for your deck. You see them all the time at various parks and restaurants in the Naperville, IL area. They are terrific looking architecture that provide a great shaded area, just put a some seating underneath and you will have an excellent resting area. With the sun likely to always be out when you're enjoying the fantastic summer air there is still the opportunity to get sun burnt and one way to avoid that is to build a pergola. Although this is not a pergola building guide we do suggest that you look into them at the very least as most deck contracting, including us, will know how to build a Pergola as well. They go hand in hand almost. It is the little details in your deck space that will set a mood especially if you're having a family cookout or party, the details are everything. 

Deck are not only used for the summer time though as many people enjoy a nice time outside during the spring or autumn months. Unfortunately during this time of the year it is not always the warmest and you will find yourself either wrapped in a load of blankets, next to someone for warmth, or just going back inside. The answer to your problems is a fireplace, fire pit, torches, or countless other options of heat to provide a livable year-round deck. A fire pit on the deck is a perfect way to keep warm while still being able to sit outside and enjoy a nice night in the cool brisk autumn time air.

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